Friday, March 11, 2011

Respect the Earth

So, I watched a lot of CNN last night, having heard about the big earthquake in Japan just a few minutes after it happened.  I've seen a few people on social media freaking out about the end of the world, and it makes me shake my head because people just don't understand the ground they walk upon.  The planet is like a living thing, and it is always in some form of upheaval.  It is inevitable that disasters will happen, and they get more and more likely to kill scores or thousands of people as the population of the planet continues to skyrocket upwards.  Natural "disasters" are not getting more frequent, or more severe.  This is just the way the world works...take a few geology classes and if you don't already understand, your perspective may change a bit.  Hell, go seek out the recent episode of Nova that highlighted the 2010 Haiti earthquake.  Some very good basic explanations (and great educational graphics, too).

The images from Japan, particularly the tsunami sweeping across the rural areas of Sendai province, are frightening.  The planet is host to immense power, and we are like insects when she decides throw her weight behind her actions. 

Thoughts and prayers go out to those in Japan who were affected by this disaster.  The company I work for will likely do some relief fundraising as a result.  And I wish things like this never happened--people don't deserve to face these situations.  But always respect the Earth's power, and we'll be as prepared as possible when these inevitable events weigh upon us.

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