Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I have been a few different things in my life...a good student, a failed student, gas station attendant, pizza delivery boy, photolithographer, gypsy cab driver, trainer, fundraiser....and now I can add "published author" to that list!

You can find Told You So available at Pill Hill Press and

I am continuing to do re-writes on A Separate Breed, as well as making notes for another book that would be set in the same "universe" but only loosely connected.  Progress is slower than I would like, but still moving.

I've been using the beta for Scrivener for Windows this summer...amazing program.  I'm sure I don't use very much of the functionality, but the parts I have been using have been so incredibly helpful.  Highly recommended program for writers.  The Mac version has been out for some time, but the Windows version is still a work in progress, with the actual release pending in the next couple months.